James Billing Photography

- Weddings & Lifestyle -

Natural, Candid, Journalistic and Modern Wedding & Lifestyle photography.

Growing up in the beautiful surfside town of Newquay in Cornwall, England it is easy to understand why James Billing picked up a camera. With its rolling hills and idyllic beaches James felt compelled to capture its natural beauty. Printing his photos and giving them as gifts, it was not long before word spread of his natural talent. Soon after he began shooting professional surfers, weddings and families. It was from here that he began to explore the full potentials of the camera and life through a lense.

From Surf and Landscape to Portraits, Weddings and more recently Fashion, James captures his subject in the honest and natural way that only somebody with years of experience can achieve.

Shooting on location or in the comfort of your own home James' warm personality will not only put you at ease but will create a fun environment that even the most camera shy person feels comfortable in.

After a few years of extensive worldwide travel and marrying his beautiful wife Bec, James has now settled in Newport – on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It was here that James became a well known and loved name in his local area and decided to set up shop!

“Light defines every moment we see – it creates our world, but in time these moments come and go…only photography can stop time in the moment that light created!”  - James Billing

- Love life – breath easy – laugh more – enjoy food – drink coffee – take photos! -

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